About me

My name is Yuta Watabe and I am an economist working on international economics. I use quantitative model of trade to analyze the welfare and aggregate implications of various phenomena including multinational production, global warming and digitaization.


  • 2022/02/03: I uploaded a new draft for “Can Digital Distirubtion Defy the Law of Gravity?”
  • 2022/03/01: I am now a research fellow in Insitute of Developing Economies in Japan.
  • 2023/10/30: Updated few things (Added some works in progress)


  • 2023/10/14: Japan Society of International Economics Annual Meeting (“New trade models, Same Old Emissions?”)
  • 2023/11/25: IEFS Japan Conference (“New trade models, Same old Emission?”)
  • 2023/11/27: Macroeconometric Modelling Workshop at IEAS (“Multinationals, Trade and Carbon Emissions”)